Pastry Cream Recipe

pastry cream recipe

Pastry Cream Recipe

Ingredients · 2 cups milk · ¼ cup white sugar · 2 egg yolks · 1 egg · ¼ cup cornstarch · ⅓ cup white sugar · 2 tablespoons butter · 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

vanilla bean pastry cream

Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream

Chef John's pastry cream with vanilla bean paste is perfect in Napoleons, pies, tarts, or cakes.

vanilla pastry cream recipe

Vanilla Pastry Cream Recipe

The classic version of vanilla pudding. Quick and easy. If you wish, substitute 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract for the vanilla bean, adding it after the pastry cream is  ...

vanilla bean pastry cream video

Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream Video

Learn from Chef John how easy it is to make a luscious and smooth pastry cream for all of your favorite desserts! You'll mix together one large egg, egg yolks, ...

cheater no cook pastry cream

Cheater No-Cook Pastry Cream

This fast version of a pastry cream is a useful hack to know if you like to make fancy French desserts without all the fuss!

pastry cream for pies recipe

Pastry Cream for Pies Recipe

Pastry Cream for Pies ... A thick egg custard that has many uses. Spread this in a baked pie shell and cover with fresh fruit, pipe it into doughnuts, or mix it with ...

sweet almond tamales with pastry cream recipe

Sweet Almond Tamales with Pastry Cream Recipe

This sweet version of tamales from scratch has chopped almonds in the masa and is filled with pastry cream flavored with a touch of vanilla.

white chocolate pastry cream recipe

White Chocolate Pastry Cream Recipe

This pastry cream is used in the Elegant White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie. I Made It Print ...

lemon pastry cream recipe

Lemon Pastry Cream Recipe

Creamy, thick, and citrusy sweet, this lemon pastry creme made from egg yolks and lemon juice is great for ... Easy lemon custard pastry cream for lemon tartlets.

pastry cream review by kmcl1994

Pastry Cream - Review by KMCL1994

May 5, 2008 ... It is NOT sweet enough without all the sugar. It's best with the called amount, I've tried both ways, trust me. I didn't need to strain mine, no lumps. I ...